Main Conferences at SABI2020

Honorary President SABI2020

Max E. Valentinuzzi: «Albert Einstein, Biomedical Engineering and Latin America»

IFMBE President

Shankar Krishnan: “Educational Challenges to motivate Medicine Based Biomedical Engineering”

Plenary Speakers

Valentina Agostini: «Dynamic electromyography and gait analysis»

Ricardo Armentano: «Arterial Biomechanics Innovation to keep Homo Elasticus in Good Health»

Joaquim Gabriel: «Infrared thermography as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool»

Andy Hoffer: «Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular pacing»

Semi-Plenary Speakers

Carolina B. Tabernig: «Brain-computer Interfaces from Laboratory to Personal adoption in everyday life»

Luis Kun: «The Age of Digital Information: Opportunities and Challenges»

Martha Refugio Ortiz Posadas: «Engineering Applied to Vulnerable Groups»

Enrique Spinelli: «Biopotential amplifiers evolve towards wearable devices»

Cristina Touriño: «Cells, cell cultures, instrumentation, laboratories and clinical applications of tissue engineering»

Steffen Härtel: «Medical Informatics in Germany, Chile and Uruguay: interoperability, competencies and impact on Health Systems»

Violeta Bulc: «Bringing industry, politics, business and science together in a global world: the European case»

Saide Calil: «Book of Practice and Book of Knowledge of Clinical Engineering and Health Sector Quality Assurance in Latin America and the Caribbean.»

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